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Installation of 3,650m of Nexus Drainage Pipe

This project was located on a farm 6km east of Masterton for one of our regular clients and involved the supply and installation of over 3,650m of nexusflo smoothbore drainage pipe, which was made up of 650m of 200mm dia pipe, 130m of 160mm dia pipe and over 2870m of 110mm pipe.

We utilised our new RTK GPS surveying and machine control technology to design and lay the pipe system. This involves completing a contour survey of the site with a motorbike and RTK GPS surveying system, taking points every 1m with a vertical accuracy of +/-5mm. Using this information, we can map and analyse the natural flow paths of water overland, pinpointing low areas and designing the necessary drainage required. This give us an advantage over our competitors by allowing us to use less pipe, laying it only in the areas where it is needed, leveraging the maximum performance from each run of pipe, rather than taking a blanket approach and laying it in a grid based pattern in order to capture the water.

When it comes to the installation of the pipe, we have the choice of either our Interdrain 1515 or Mastenbroek 20/15 Trenchers, both fitted with RTK GPS machine control. For this project we used out the Interdrain 1515 Trencher. With machine control we can closely control the grade of the pipe which allows us to use less peametal by keeping the depth of the pipe at the optimum level, bringing further savings to our client.

GPS technology ensures pipes are installed accurately and precisely, while saving time and materials. Ultimately delivering excellent value for money to our clients.

Key equipment used:
Interdrain 1515 Trencher – Fitted with GPS machine control
Marooka with metal hopper and sled
7 t Excavator
Topcon RTK GPS

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